Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms: Your Daily Dose of Awww

When it comes to wild baby animals, mothers certainly know best. What we know best is that few things are more precious than catching a glimpse of a mother animal tending to her young. A bond like no other, a mother’s love is something that exists across countless species.

So, what could be cuter than adorable baby animals and their moms spending time together? We hope you’re ready for a major helping of the warm fuzzies!

21. Kisses from Mom

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

Kisses always make everything better. Check out this adorable little fawn getting a major smooch from mom.

20. So Beary Cute

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

We’re not sure what this mom and her cubs are looking at, but it must certainly be interesting. Perhaps it’s picnic time for teddy bears?

19. Cool Cats

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

A proud cheetah mom and her cubs enjoy a day in the sun. These cute cubs clearly know how cool they are, too. Just look at those little faces!

18. Joyous Hippo Calf

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

Did you ever think a baby hippo could be so adorable? We know John Oliver and friends will tell you they’re killing machines, but we just don’t see it. This exuberant little calf and its mom are way too cute for that.

17. Lion Love

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

Aww, this mom is getting major love from her sweet, snuggly cub. Is it just us or are we all imagining them as the real-life versions of Sarabi and Simba?

16. Precious Polar Bears

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

“Mommmm!” It seems even polar bear cubs sometimes put up a fight when it comes to receiving kisses from their moms. It is in front of a camera, after all. Maybe some baby animals just aren’t into PDA.

15. Rare Rhinos

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

How often do you get to see white rhino cub? With their conservation status, it’s no wonder this mom is protective of her little one. Even with new anti-poaching efforts, wild white rhinos are sadly still at great risk.

14. Lovely Lemurs

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

Aw, check out this little ring-tailed lemur baby hitching a ride on mom’s back. As newborns, they cling to their mother’s underside. After a couple of weeks, they start riding on their mom’s backs instead.

While most mothers only have one baby at a time, most lemur moms have their babies around the same time. That means they usually all have plenty of playmates.

13. Swimming Swan and Cygnets

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

These sweet little cygnets are totally hitching a ride on their mom’s as they all go for a swim. There are certainly no ugly ducklings here – as if a duckling could be ugly anyway. These babies are all just as beautiful as their mother.

12. Keeping Her Kit Close

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

A watchful and attentive momma fox keeps a close eye on her kit. This vixen looks extra protective of her little one. And who could blame her? Just look at that cutie!

11. Happy Feet

Adorable Baby Animals and Their Moms

This emperor penguin and this crèche of chicks are just marching right along. Fun fact: did you know it’s the father penguin that incubates the mother’s eggs? A female emperor penguin lays just one egg at a time, then leaves it with the father.

The father then keeps the egg warm and toasty for a total of about 65 days. After the 2 months have passed, the female penguin will return with food for the baby. Don’t worry, the dads get to go on their own fishing trip after the moms return.


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