20 Cat Breeds with the Most Adorable Kittens!

10. Turkish Angora Kittens


These little white fuzzballs absolutely deserve a spot on our most adorable kittens list. The white ones look almost albino-esque and features a little pink. Certain to draw looks, the Turkish Angora is a great choice for cat lovers!

9. Tonkinese Kittens


Some people have accused the Tonkinese breed of looking strange. But we think they look strange in all the right ways! Tonkinese kittens are darlings and they grow to be intelligent cats with lovely personalities.

8. Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens


These shaggy little furballs have bold coloring and look absolutely stunning! But if you are not prepared to have a BIG fully-grown cat, then you may want to pass on these little cuties.

7. Maine Coon Kittens


Maine Coons, like the Norwegian Forest Cat, grow to be quite large! But their beautiful, bold coloring is a pleasure to look at. If you like large cats, then the Maine Coon is a winning pick!

6. Balinese Kittens


These kittens are great for people who want a unique-looking cat that stands apart from the norm. They usually have beautiful cream fur with dark tips on their noses, ears and feet. Matched with bright blue eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love!

5. Siberian Kittens


This is a pretty exotic cat breed, but it is very popular in many parts of the world. You can probably see why! The kittens are absolutely adorable, and they have such great features. It’s not hard to understand why the Siberian kitten made our most adorable kittens list!

4. Birman Kittens


The great thing about Birman kittens (other than how frickin’ adorable they are) is that they grow up to generally have great personalities. The coloring on these little cuties is fantastic and they have very sweet little faces.

3. Somali Kittens


Like the Birman, Somali kittens usually grow up to have great personalities. Their coloring is so playful and we love the shades of orange, brown and gold. It was not easy to put the Somali in third place, but the next two kitten breeds really take the cake!

2. Ragdoll Kittens


It’s hard not to want to squish these little fluffy sweet kittens. Their big eyes and teddy bear faces make them extremely cuddle-worthy. These were a very close number one choice for us! But ultimately, we gave our number one pick of most adorable kittens to…

1. Our Most Adorable Kittens Pick: Bengal Kittens


Look at this fierce little kitten! Those stripes make the Bengal look so exotic, like a big cat predator. Bonus points that you don’t need to worry about becoming lunch when it grows up! Talk about a win-win!


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