Small Horse Stranded in Strangest Place After Flood

Earlier this month, western Japan was hit hard with flooding that caused thousands of people to evacuate for their safety – and thousands of animals too.  What happened in the small town of Mabi in the Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture during the flood is nothing short of amazing.

Twitter / Peace Winds Japan

It all starts with a tiny horse named Leaf.

Leaf’s Story

Life Town Mabi is an elderly healthcare facility that has therapy animals in residence that are there to help those that live in the facility find comfort.  One of these animals is Leaf, a mini horse that lived close by on a neighboring farm with her baby, Earth.

She was a favorite of the residents of Life Town Mabi, and one look at her will help you understand why.

Twitter / Peace Winds Japan

When the floods hit, Leaf’s farm was completely submerged and it was assumed that the small horse couldn’t possibly had made it.  They couldn’t find her anywhere near the farm, and the residents were understandably very upset about this.

High Hopes

A few days later, imagine their surprise when Peace Winds Japan, a disaster relief group – found the pony standing on top of a roof!  The rescuers of course immediately tried to help her find her way down, but she lost her footing and ended up finding her own way down.

Twitter / Peace Winds Japan

Thankfully she’s obviously a tough little pony, and escaped mostly unscathed with only a few small injuries to one leg.  Unfortunately, no one has been able to find Earth, her baby.

Much Needed Rest

Leaf is now getting a chance to heal and rest at a nearby farm, and is getting loads of attention from folk who live nearby.  She especially loves the gifts of cabbage and carrots!

Twitter / Peace Winds Japan

It is still a mystery how she ended up on that roof to begin with, but it shows how resilient animals can be in the face of danger.  She truly brought hope and a little ray of sunshine to her small town.


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