Get Ready to Meet Some Seriously Cute Dogs and Their Famous Moms!

Dogs are the purest souls on this Earth. They give us love, comfort, and sometimes weird dead things they find in the yard. And no matter if you’re a world-famous celebrity with 10 million Instagram followers or just an average person, a dog will adore you just the same.

These 20 gorgeous celebrity dog moms prove that the stars really are just like us—completely and utterly obsessed with their pets!

20. Kylie Jenner

celebrity dog moms

In Touch Weekly

Before she was Stormi’s mother, Kylie Jenner was mom to Bambi (left) and Norman. The Italian Greyhounds don’t exactly look thrilled to be in her perfectly manicured clutches. Considering that Kylie’s Instagram helps pay for their kibble, they could at least try to pose for the camera.

19. Jessica Alba

celebrity dog moms

People Magazine

Pictured here in happier times is Jessica Alba with Bowie, her American bulldog rescue. Although Bowie sadly passed away in 2017, he lived a long, full life with the star and her human family. Jessica credits Bowie with helping her through a difficult third pregnancy.

18. Kristen Bell

celebrity dog moms

The Frozen star is a well-known animal lover—anyone else remember her epic meltdown over a sloth on Ellen? Kristen adopted Lola (left) from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles, saving the dog’s life. With human kids, pets, and a notorious prankster husband, there’s probably never a dull moment at the Bell-Shepherd house!

17. Nina Dobrev

celebrity dog moms


Nina Dobrev adopted this adorable bundle of fur in 2017. Maverick has been her constant companion since then—taking walks through Los Angeles, playing in the park, and even joining her at the gym. Nina also helped foster Maverick’s brother, Goose, to some friends of hers so the pups could have regular play dates.

16. Ariana Grande

celebrity dog moms

Ariana Grande loves dogs so much she adopted a whole kennel-ful of them—Strauss, Toulouse, Pignoli, Coco, Cinnamon, Lafayette, and Myron! All her pups are rescues from shelters, and although they’re all different breeds, they’re clearly a happy pack.

15. Katy Perry

celebrity dog moms


Katy Perry is known for her out-there style, but there’s one accessory that she’ll never go without. Nugget, a teacup Poodle, joins her mom backstage and on the red carpet. Weirdly enough, Kay’s on-again, off-again beau Orlando Bloom also has a teacup Poodle named Mighty who could be Nugget’s brother.

14. Duchess Kate

celebrity dog moms

Before George, Charlotte, and little Louis joined the family, there was Lupo. The gorgeous English Cocker Spaniel is an excellent big brother to the royal kiddos. I wonder if Lupo gets his own royal title?

13. Cara Delevingne

celebrity dog moms


Plenty of us would love to be on the front row at a Paris fashion show, but Cara’s dog Leo is not a fan. She brought him to Chanel’s Haute Couture show in 2016, and the poor pup looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.

12. Zendaya

celebrity dog moms

Zendaya can do it all—she sings, she dances, she acts, she designs clothing, and she slays on the red carpet. She even wrote a book! But Zendaya is also a devoted dog mom to her miniature Schnauzer, Noon. She loves coming home to her baby boy after a hard day of work.

11. Millie Bobby Brown

celebrity dog moms

The Daily Mail

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and her dog, Dolly, make quite a pair! Like her famous mama, Dolly has legions of adoring fans thanks to her Instagram. The English Mastiff helps keep Millie grounded—even though her role as Eleven has made her super famous at a young age, Millie still loves going for walks or playing in the garden with Dolly.


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