When a Predator Becomes the Prey

By the laws of nature, one would assume the predator always attacks the prey. But nature never fails to surprise us. Strangely enough, there are instances where a predator becomes the prey.

Shocking Story – Beetle Eats Frog

It makes sense when the predator is larger and hunts down smaller prey. The reverse of that is unusual, but it does happen. According to new research, the small Epomis beetle can kill a much larger amphibian — and then eat it.

While the Epomis beetle normally eats insects and worms, it has been observed killing and eating a frog.

These devious little beetles actually share shelter with their prey during the day and as the night approaches, they paralyze and eat them. The beetle makes an incision on the back of the frog that paralyzes them instantly. The beetles then start devouring the frog.

Even the Epomis larvae feed on frogs and other typical predators.

Frog Eats Snake – Did I Read It Right?

Speaking of frogs, you’d probably suspect them to be meals for snakes. But in some bizarre instances, the frog becomes the predator.

One such incident took place in Australia, where a tree frog was spotted dining on a brown tree snake. Brown tree snakes eat birds and small tree frogs, but this one clearly picked the wrong target.

In this outlandish incident, the predator became the meal of its very own prey.

Pigs Eat Leopards and Humans – Absolutely Bizarre!

It feels weird to think of a pig hunting down a leopard and eating it but it is indeed possible.

Wild pigs or boars often turn the tables on their predators and attack them. There have also been many instances where, without any provocation, the wild pigs have attacked and killed leopards and other predators.

Similarly, pigs can also kill humans. In one deadly event, a farmer was killed by his domestic pig. The hog attacked him and devoured him entirely.

Praying Mantis Eats Hummingbird – Beyond Imagination

Hummingbirds normally feed on small insects and nectar. They are not normally interested in the praying mantis, but they do feed on them if other food is scarce. As we’ve already discovered, however, nature never fails to amaze us: a hummingbird can also be a prey to a praying mantis.

The praying mantis is a small insect which tends to be eaten by birds. It is very unnatural for a praying mantis to attack a bird that is many times larger in size.

As Stonewall Jackson once said, “Always mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy if possible,” these little animals are doing the same.


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